I had so much fun a week ago that Im heading back to the dentist again today to get more teeth filled.   I never took care of my teeth when I was younger and now its such a uphill fight.   I was lucky to have gotten every tooth possible so when I had work on my mouth as a youth, I lost a lot of teeth.  The dentist had to pull 4 wisdom teeth  and 4 other teeth causing all my other teeth to overlap or become fangs.  Kids have it good these days with that coating they can put on your teeth to prevent cavities.  Of course brushing sometime as a kid might of helped.

It just such an expense, I have one tooth I started 3 years ago that should of been a simple filling but when the dentist removed the filling to replace, it was determined the tooth need a cap.  A $150 procedure becomes a $1100 procedure.  Needless to say I never finished that plan but I have tooth that has basically only the walls no middle, so I gotta get this done

But only after the cheaper stuff first.  So last Weds I had a cavity filled actually 3 fillings in one and im going to get another tooth done today.  One that doesnt require removing older fillings, dont need more expensive surprises.   I sometimes think I should just get em all removed and go false but I dunno,  I have a mental stigma tied to that.  I guess cause I would watch my mom wasted thousands of dollars fixing her teeth after age 60. Right now I had the front 3 teeth removed, One was a impant base that broke and was starting to rot,  the one next to it was a root canaled tooth and was told that could break anytime and the other tooth had a cavity and was gonna cost $1300 to fix.  Of course no insurance covers this stuff very well and these prices are with the insurance I have. I have a 3 teeth retainer that looks better than the teeth that were pulled, but I rarely wear it except when Im out in public.  I didnt want to get it glued in as I sorta like the more mouth room since Im a mouth breather.  I still have that stigma about it though,  but my story is I was in this bad ass fight and the dude sucker punched me and I beat his ass OF COURSE!!!! (works better than Hey baby, lost the front 3 cause i didnt take care of em LOL,  glad the wife of over 20 years is ok with it)

JUST SEEMS SUCH A WASTE TO PAY SO MUCH FOR SUCH TORTURE,  BUT ILL UPDATE THIS BLOG WHEN I GET BACK.  Going big time, if they can fill 2 cheapo fillings today Im giving the OK.




IM ALIVE,  and everything went so good that I set up a double appointment to finally get the cap work done which will set me back $700,  but as Im finding out, ignore your teeth and they will go away




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