The Stone Summer Story – Part 1 – Beginnings & Surveillance

The Stone Summer Story – Part 1 – Beginnings & Surveillance

There is a great article on the internet written by Steve Albini called the problem with the music industry today   and it was written in 92-94 and this is when I would of been trying to really make it.

I  think why STONE SUMMER (me) never made it.  I had the songs and I tried to get a look for myself but after that, there was really no thought.

I start this blog with mentioning the Albini article and then laugh as I can see me making every mistake he is talking about, I would of sign the napkin with intent and then been stuck.  I read this article in the 90s and took it as a sign,  pheww glad I didnt persue music but now looking back on all this in 2017 as a 47 year old guy, I dunno.   Yea it would suck no making any money but just to get the kind of touring experience and doing the thing you want, I feel now would make up for the lack of money and whatever.   Its also kind of odd how Albini, who shouldnt feel like a money matters guy, is all about here.  But anyways,  the dude is a legend.  and where is STONE SUMMER.


Shit really makes me mad looking back cause I had no direction what so ever, even though I seemed to have crossed paths with people who did have direction and did something in music.

I look back at the first band I ever played with.  I barely knew how to play instruments but this guitarist Tommy Ring needed a bassist, and I told him Ill do it and instantly Im playing with a guitarist that can play any Eddie Van Halen licks you want.  For instance I remember I brought him over a copy of Van Hagars Live without a net and the next practice he was whipping out those solos.  The drummer for the band (Derek Wyatt)  seemed to be 2nd in state Jazz band in GA or something like that.  This guy was excellent drummer and kind of spoiled me on killer precise drumming,  This was 1986-87 and basically after a year or so, I got kicked out of the band for another bassist, which caught me by surprise and pissed me off at the time but Derek and Tommy were way above my league.  Anyways the Tommy knocked up his girlfriend in 87 and joined the army and never to be heard of again LOL.   Now the drummer on the other hand,  our paths crossed one other time in 88-89 at UGA as we had some classes in the same building but I had other bands going then so I never try to reconnect, wish I would have.  Never really searched for Wyatt until this year for some reason and come to find out he moved to Nashville (which is Ironic since my wife told me in 1998 I needed to go to Nashville if I want to do rock music aka new country music).  At one point he was Kelly Clarkson’s drummers, so its like holy fuck, this guy is on a totally different level now.


Needless to say this first band was an eye opener of the differences between playing with good musicians and playing with bad musicians. Keep in mind, this was my first band.  The next few people I went thru 87-88 was agonizing at times,  drummers who would speed up and slow down and  I keep thinking something feels wrong.  I remember this one dude had a double bass drum rig with every bell and whistle possible (think Alex Van Halen setup).   Then guy can even get thru basic 4/4 song without fucking it all up.  But at this time I was hustling thru players trying to find good fits and such and I started slowly writing my own material.  Also when in Surveillance, I was like the bottom vote so after that any band I was in, I made sure I was the top 1 or 2 vote.


Well this is like part 1 on why STONE SUMMER never made it big, in fact never made it small.  I have a different perspective on life now at 47 and JUST MAKES ME MAD SOMETIMES but this is kind like the STONE SUMMER BEHIND THE MUSIC.  Also I have reached out to some of these people and either they dont remember me or have no interest in keeping in contact with me so what can you do, people are strange!!



Next part Ill take about the next brush with greatness of having a future member of Sevendust as my drummer in 88 and losing touch with this guy too




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