The Stone Summer Story – Part 2 – Shattered Glass – Nuff Noize Asylum

The Stone Summer Story – Part 2 – Shattered Glass – Nuff Noize Asylum

This is part 2 of the Stone Summer story basically,  a behind the music for a guy with over 100 original songs and never did anything with any of them.  So we will continue where we left off

So after playing with Surveillance, it took me a while to finally get a whole band reformed.  I ended up playing with a slew of oddballs.  Manque Laughter wanted me to quit high school and play with them, though I dont think that would of worked.   Hooked up some players in the dorms of UGA, one who went on to play with Old Scratch.  Even a heavy metal band with some bad ass Mexicans playing.  How can you forget the classic



Shattered Glass formed in 1987 with Drew Mapp, Tommy (something) and a singer who told me he sounded like Joe Elliott (Thought he meant the one in Def Leppard, LOL).  We played some gigs but one gig in particular was a mess.  I had gotten us booked to play and first our drummer quit on us or Drew and I kicked him out, Cant remember the guys name, interesting red headed guy that lived in Winterville.  I had to hire a drummer.  Things even got crazier on this gig when our singer  just disappeared the day of the gig.  No contact what so ever.  I had to ride all over Athens looking for him hoping I got back to the gig on time.  WHAT A MESS and I should of just did the vocals since he got scared and proceeded to fuck up every song he did, even Rock and Roll, how is that possible.  As a finally FU to me,  before we had even finished the gig, our bands name was off the marquee and my old band Surveillance had  replaced us on the marquee.  UGGGG!!!!!



One way to find musicians pre internet days was to post up ads at college commons areas.   Here is where I hooked up with a band ass drummer named John Conolly.   Also had Anthony Rowell on guitar and Jane Porterfield on vocals. While we stayed together for 5 months,  Conolly decided to leave the band to move Atlanta to join another band called the Piece Dogs.  It sucks, I just never kept in touch with John after that.  I was more focused on getting other band members.  John on drums released a CD with Piece Dogs on his never ending pursuit to making it.  He ended up a guitarist for Sevendust.  Sevendust has been a touring band for 20 years now.  Reached out to John a few times but he’s never responded probably doesnt even remember us jamming Shark Island and Impillitera (???)  in his Tivoli apartments.  I also credit John for getting me into Janes Addiction.  Damn I cant believe me and Conolly used to have band talks in my supra and look at him now.  I remember Jane telling me one day,  Hes going to make it, he wants it the most.  and she was right and I guess that what its comes down.  ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING TO MAKE IT.  I make jokes to this day that I should begged John to take to Atlanta with him (really I should of followed that blue print and went off the Atlanta myself,  as this is one of the problems in my evaluating my music career).

Anthony and I regrouped and got a thief drummer (who I can only wish bad things on) and singer.   I wish I had talked more with this singer David Whitehead  at the time, as it seems he has been playing live in Athens since the 90s with bands like XXX harddrive.   But I never did as the band was very short lived and was only a covers band.  Plus I probably held baggage since the drummer we had at the time turned out to me a thief.  He goes into my house when Im not home and steals a bunch of CDs and I also suspect he broke the neck of my guitar also.  Chris and I actually passed them in my driveway as the thief was leaving with my stuff.  Years later this was verified by a member of the band who went to Truett McConnell with me in 91.  Hope this shitty drummer is raising his kids with same shitty life ethic he has (but dude was a pampered little rich boy then and Im sure is just as spoiled now).    Just cant have members of the band ripping you off, lol.

My guitarist at the time was Anthony and he was very good on playing other people licks but all his originals sounded the same.   I was starting to realize around this time that I could write songs and I knew what the vision for my songs where and this is where I started to coming off playing bass and trying to focus on all original music that I wrote.


The last band I played bass for in this period was NUFF NOIZE ASYLUM.   This was a cover band featuring Chris Scarborough, Patrick Rives, and Me.   While I enjoyed playing with them, I was really starting to hate playing bass in cover bands which is ashame, because we were actually getting some gigs with the biggest being FIRST NIGHT NEW YEARS ATHENS.  After  a few months I quit to focus on STONE SUMMER MUSIC ONLY



So you can see, I seem to keep hitting the drummer jackpots (Sevendust Rhythm Guitarist and a studio/session/touring drummer for people like Kelly Clarkson).  I got to nail these points because this is my closest brushes with fame LOL.




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