The Stone Summer Story – Part 3 – Cold Six – Songwriting

The Stone Summer Story – Part 3 – Cold Six – Songwriting

So far we covered most of my cover band life and the start of my original music.  If we go through my discography, we are now looking at songs from EPIC OUT OF PROPORTION and a lot of songs off KING ANTHONY AND THE VILLAGE OF THE SHARKS.

I was starting to find a little groove in my songwriting and that’s one thing Id like to point out.  I always strived to a pop artist as I look at my music like Journey, Foreigner, etc.  I also am looking for good flows to albums, while I know in 2017 this is such a moot point since people arent really about WORKS anymore, just mindless singles.   But when Im working on new groups of songs, I always try to focus on making it a WORK.   I try to balance my albums with hits, rockers, ballads and the oddball pieces to offset everything else.  So many times I know I have to be writing different formulas or else everything on the album will sound the same.

This one my main reason from switching from bass to guitar.  Most guitarists I dealt with could play other peoples licks spot on but then have nothing original or just bad copies of stuff they learned.   On the other hand, I cant play other peoples music at all. The few times I tried to play originals as a guitarist was just a joke.   Also this goes back to the fact, Im a songwriter and spent more time writing tunes and knowing what I wanted each instrument to do rather than perfecting just being a guitarist.

OK back to the story…..


After leaving NUFF NOIZE ASYLUM (which btw I searched up the other 2 members and it looks like they have been a lot of stuff in music especially Patrick),   I starting forming some pretty interesting line up of bands throughout 1988-1990.   I meet up with a drummer, Rick Nilo and WOW WE CLICKED.   This dude could play and he also really like the originals tunes I was showing him.  We were able to learn about 15 of my songs and, in fact, when I get the music up, you will be able to hear these demos as they are the only copies I have of some of the songs off EPIC OUT OF PROPORTION.  One cool thing about Nilo, he had this red bass drum that he says used to one of the Appice’s tom tom drum.   As usual things took a unexpected turn one day when Rick out of the blue says hes going back to Denver.  I was bummed about this since he learned a lot of my songs, liked them and then just leaves as I was hoping we would of gotten this thing gigging.   I told him if he ever came back to town, hit me up


Now in one of those fucked up situations that may or may not have been a bad detour.  I picked up some new players and they wanted to do covers so we got some covers in the mix, like DONT SAY YOU LOVE ME (Billy Squier)  ALL FIRED UP (Pat Benatar) trying to stay somewhat modern with keeping some of my originals in the mix.   I had another athens player, Todd White who seems to be a gigging bluegrass player.    Now in some fucked up irony,  I switched to guitar to get my originals going only to end playing more covers and guess who gets back in touch


Nilo moves back to Athens and whats to resume where we left off (like 6 months later).  Now I have this band going with more covers than originals and the first practice we had with Nilo, really screwed up any interest he had in playing with me.   And I really had no interest in playing with the people I had going but I have this stupid loyalty thing going even though very few have ever been loyal to me and kept going nowhere in the cover band and Nilo disappeared.  Its may seem like a dull story but every musician knows how hard it is to find people who like your original music and want to be part of it and I feel I really fucked up not trying to start something with Nilo.

Basically a few months later, all the musicians are gone again and Im off the races writing more stuff.   You have to look at the fact that I have over 100 originals and most of them were written in this time frame 90-93.   Ideas were starting to flow as I started the next chapter in the STONE SUMMER story,  WHO SAID THERE’S TROUBLE.  Plus the start of the only true music collaborator friend I ever had, FREDDY DEAN.


The reason for writing the Stone Summer story is Ive really had to stop and soul search as to why I never even got off the ground but have a music catalog few can touch.  YES I BELIEVE IN MY MUSIC THAT MUCH.   As you can already see Ive listed about 10 different bands and semi bands Ive played with and I think  I was already fucking around to much and not trying to get out there, even if it was just me and my guitar.  Isolated in the woods of Watkinsville was furthering my career.  Sometimes I wonder if I should of just tried to sell my songs back then (But I had to product to take me places).  Plus I had another major band hangup.  I always wanted it to be a 4 piece (like the Van Halen sound) with just bass under solos and stuff.  Late in the game like years later, me and freddy dean thought about prerecording bass and just him and me try to gig.  FUCK THAT, IMAGINE A 2 person band with just a drummer and guitarist  that would never work.  SOME OF MY SHORT SHORTSIGHTEDNESS KILLS ME.

Next part we look at part of the freddy dean years and the formation of DIRTY DUCK, my most successful venture.













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