Debit Cards should have a freeze feature when not in use

Debit Cards should have a freeze feature when not in use

Really irritating weekend as someone who handled my debit card, also decided to fraudulent charge some stuff from walmart on my card.   Such a fucking hassle to have to cancel out your debit card and wait for a new one to arrive.   The cockiness of big banks are amazing,  they dont bother to overnight you the card,  they dont care if it takes over a week for your card to arrive.   Also big banks like to keep the stolen money for as long as possible.   Been with my bank for over 10 years and the fact that they didnt automatically reverse the charge and put the money back in my account has irritated me to no end.   Thinking I will be looking for a new bank but all banks are pieces of shit.

I remember years back when the same thing happened at BOA.   I had this stupid bitch on the phone ask me all these dumb-ass questions like, “Did you give your pin out to anyone”  and I was like yea every one I meet and what the fuck would it matter if they didnt steal my card number.  The way the banks put it all on customers makes me sick.

Carrying cash everywhere these days is also a big risk.  Im at the point Id like to get banks out of my life but then what,  put the money in the mattress.  JUST NO OPTIONS

EXCEPT ONE – Let the customer freeze their account when they arent using it.  For example when I go shopping, I can unfreeze my card right before I pay at the register and refreeze it after I paid.  This way even if someone steals your card number, they would only be able to use it if the card was unfroze at that moment.  Im sure the banks would cry,  this would be expensive and Im sure banks make out like bandits when debit card fraud happens.    The discover credit card has this option but we need this option on all debit cards.  If I buy something online, and I have a freeze on my card, then it should never go thru, even at a later time when i unfreeze the card.   The customer can never freeze their card if they like but give the people who dont like getting their bank accounts raided the option.



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