The STONE SUMMER story – Part 7 – Earnhardt Tribute – Like a Holiday Sessions

The STONE SUMMER story – Part 7 – Earnhardt Tribute – Like a Holiday Sessions

In 1998, I took a job transfer to Daytona.  The type of work I did in Daytona was much more intensive and required a lot more responsibility.  Which meant more training, which meant less time for music.

ONCE AGAIN KIDS, if you never have money, you dont miss it.  ITS ONLY WHEN YOU FUCKING HAVE IT THAT YOU MISS IT.   So pursue those dreams.

Another situation where I had all the time in the world but didnt even attempt to form any bands.

Another observations,  I had gotten married, I was doing well, and I found all this effected my ability to write songs.  I mean I couldnt write a song to save my life in this period.   Just 6 years earliers,  I had the conveyor belt songs going but now, just blanks.  Which leads me to believe that if you are happy in life, its almost impossible to write songs

CASE IN POINT,  HANK WILLIAMS III, claims he had to divorce his wife or girlfriend of 6 years so he could be sad enough to be able to write songs again.  Do either of these scenerios sound different.

Around this time, my wife also suggested that my music would probably be better fit in Nashville.   Remember this is 1998 so I was like fuck that (ONCE AGAIN my logic is why Im where Im at).  Keep in mind this is the same year that the wife also suggested buying apple stock in which I replied,  Apple is over these fruity Imacs arent going to make this company big again.    Wish I would invested every cent I made into apple and then I could afford to tour and even do pay to play LOL.   I know you cant look back at stuff like that as barometers of your life, but damn,  STONE SUMMER IN NASHVILLE with EVERYTHING INVESTED IN APPLE.   Imagine what 2017 would of looked like compared to how it is.

I was actively trying to promote my music by recording a lot of the stuff Fred and I had done and giving it out at bike week, in hopes someone important would hear it.   In 2001, I tired to really get myself in.   The death of Dale Earnhardt in Daytona no less at the 500 no less.   I re-recorded and changed the lyrics for HAVE WE REALLY COME SUCH A LONG WAY and renamed it FOR DALE.  I put out no less than 500 CDs of the song at the memorial that was building for him days after his death.  My plans were for NASCAR to use the song.   In the end over 1000 CDs were made, and I only know of one that got to Phoenix, AZ.

IN 2002, I had purchased a new recording rig.  A cool 8 track 8 input with 2 bounce tracks fostex recorder and started re-doing all my old material to try and get cleaner sounded copies.   All the copies I made with Fred were,  guitar and drums only and I later added the bass and it sounded like it.  The only problem now,  I am doing all the drums on drum pads and I am not a drummer.  Thinking about this now, I dont know why I didnt actively look for drummers.  I had a sweet beach house and could of made all the noise possible.   I really wanted to reboot a band with Fred at the time.  Even (re-read part 3)  getting everything set up to record in Athens but to this day still dont what happened.   Even now, Im still searching for Fred for some reason.  I guess I didnt realize that its been 17 years since I have seen him but I have a loyalty problem sometimes and I guess at time I wanted Fred in my band.

I started writing some new songs which would be the LIKE A HOLIDAY album.   Songs still werent flowing like water but I was able to get a super solid albums worth of material.  LIKE A HOLIDAY, 4 U,  RIDE,  CALENDER,  SACRIFICE,  HAPPY,   and a few others.   I was able to make some decent recordings of the first 4 but lost recordings of the last couple as my life was starting to slide off the rails somewhat.    For 2 years I was re-recording a lot of my  material trying to make better copies.  I started getting more dis-illsuioned with work, started going down paths I shouldnt of.  Life took a total collapse in 2005,  by 2007 I was so bitter and mad, I made a stupid concept album (keep im mind I WAS BITTER AND MAD AND THE SONGS WERE FOLLOWING AGAIN).   The problem is, I burned most of the riffs and leftovers songs I had on this stupid work.   Now its a time in life I never want to revisit (wish my mind understood this).  I recall hearing in an interview by either Korn or Tool, that they have hard time playing some older material cause is so personal and they dont want to relive that.   I remember thinking at the time, that is so stupid.   I never want to play those tunes again even though I blew some good riffage on that shit.

In 2007, I decided that, I needed to get in a band.  I wanted to prove to myself I could travel and decided to audition for bands in Orlando and Palm Coast (places over an hour away).   I always had my style of music and didnt follow the trend of 2000s metal of downtuned guitars and such.   Some of the bands I played with like 1Anamoly were all about this downtuned shit and I hated it.   There is one band  I wish would of gelled.  I feel this guy had some killer songs and killer idea and NOT DOWNTUNED SHIT.   Rick Namely and his band Biteboy.  We jammed a lot of his stuff, GIRL IN THE WINDOW, GHOST.  This guy had vision and really did some cool shit (most notable was driving in front of Casey Anthonys (look her up) house on a flat bed truck doing their song Wine Sick Mind, wish I would of been on that flatbed).  DAMN BITE BOY we should of been on the road for 10 years now, not sure what he is doing now.    I also tried my hand with older guys in Port Orange who’s model was,  one hit is all we need but gawd these guys were in their 60s.   I always said that Im a songwriter and not a kick ass musician.  So my next stop was with a spot on cover band in Palm Coast.  I actually played with them for a few months, until I realized the singers wife had more say so in the band than I did.   At this point, I realized I still hated playing in cover bands.   I hated playing in downtuned hell metal bands.   But if someone had tunes I believed in, I was really liked it aka, biteboy.   I also found I HATED DRIVING OVER AN HOUR AWAY TO PRACTICE.   In the end I quit the cover band and the other bands were people much younger than me, so I didnt make the cut LOL.

So where are we now in 2017.   It really blows my mind that I have been basically inactive for 10 years now.  Im 47.   So what now.  I have reached out to some old Athens friends like Lee Swindle and talked about playing bass for his Scary Garcia band.  Athens is only 12 hours from here LOL.  I sometimes think, I want to go back in the studio and re-record all my songs properly but I havent played the guitar for any length of time in over 7 years.   Sometimes I feel I need to just ditch the internet all together because it sort of bums me out that people I played with in the past are still doing something musically (Drew, Chris , Tommy, Derek, John, David, Fred and on and on).  I have this hope someday, Fred and I will reconnect but thats looking like it will never happen.  I did see he was doing something musically as late as 2013.   Then I think,  fuck all this,  why even worry about music (many merits to this).  Where would I be If i did try to go on the road in 89.  Knowing me I would be dead from a drug overdose (one of those LAST LEGIT DECADE STORIES of the 90s).  I dont know but life if a very weird balance thing.  Jobs can ruin all your dreams but make you comfortable.  Money comes and goes so I wish I would of put less emphasis on money earlier in life.  Today I try to live a very minimalist life.  I have thrown away 75% of my belongings.  I dont have or ever wanted kids, but damn lived my life like I had to save up for someones college fund instead of getting out there and doing it.

I’ll add more to this later, as I know im the only one reading it.





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