The STONE SUMMER story – Part 7 – Earnhardt Tribute – Like a Holiday Sessions

The STONE SUMMER story – Part 7 – Earnhardt Tribute – Like a Holiday Sessions

In 1998, I took a job transfer to Daytona.  The type of work I did in Daytona was much more intensive and required a lot more responsibility.  Which meant more training, which meant less time for music. ONCE AGAIN KIDS, if you never have money, you dont miss it.  ITS ONLY WHEN YOU FUCKING HAVE […]

The Stone Summer Story – Part 6 – SPOONFED – THE HELL IT AINT

                       1997 – THE HELL IT AINT The year in 1997 and the place is Charlotte NC.   As I mentioned in the last part,  I wanted it to come to me and not have to goto it.  Through some luck at the workplace, I hooked up with a new music partner, Jay Jarrell and […]

Debit Cards should have a freeze feature when not in use

Really irritating weekend as someone who handled my debit card, also decided to fraudulent charge some stuff from walmart on my card.   Such a fucking hassle to have to cancel out your debit card and wait for a new one to arrive.   The cockiness of big banks are amazing,  they dont bother to overnight you […]

The Stone Summer Story – Part 5 – STUDIO WORK – CHARLOTTE

I guess this is where reality meets the road.  As I mentioned in part 4,  I had decided to goto DeVry and try to get some kind of career because really I had nothing to fall back on.  KIDS IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FALL BACK ON, WHO FUCKING CARES, DONT DO WHAT YOURE ABOUT […]

The Stone Summer Story – Part 4 – DIRTY DUCK – CIRCULATION UNDERFLOW

Ok so as the ball keeps rolling so do the musicians in my life and soon the well started drying up as Nilo and the other players were now all gone.   Although the band format wasnt happening right now, the song writing side started getting tighter more diverse songs.   A lot of the songs written […]

The Stone Summer Story – Part 3 – Cold Six – Songwriting

So far we covered most of my cover band life and the start of my original music.  If we go through my discography, we are now looking at songs from EPIC OUT OF PROPORTION and a lot of songs off KING ANTHONY AND THE VILLAGE OF THE SHARKS. I was starting to find a little […]

The Stone Summer Story – Part 2 – Shattered Glass – Nuff Noize Asylum

This is part 2 of the Stone Summer story basically,  a behind the music for a guy with over 100 original songs and never did anything with any of them.  So we will continue where we left off So after playing with Surveillance, it took me a while to finally get a whole band reformed.  […]

JOE WALSH – Robs quick look at James Gang, The Eagles, and Joe Walsh solo

ALL NIGHT LONG – Eagles live version  (wish the eagles would of done the whole James Gang Walsh collection live cause the EAGLES LIVE VERSIONS of this and LIFES BEEN GOOD are superior) County Fair – This mother fucker jams  esp when it breaks down in the middle, really this is one of those great […]

The Stone Summer Story – Part 1 – Beginnings & Surveillance

There is a great article on the internet written by Steve Albini called the problem with the music industry today   and it was written in 92-94 and this is when I would of been trying to really make it. I  think why STONE SUMMER (me) never made it.  I had the songs and I tried […]


I had so much fun a week ago that Im heading back to the dentist again today to get more teeth filled.   I never took care of my teeth when I was younger and now its such a uphill fight.   I was lucky to have gotten every tooth possible so when I had work on […]